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Mistress Bijous little slave boy is fairly touchy as regards the mud. Is he too vain
to get dirty, perhaps? But the Mistress holds definitely the whip hand and gives
him a special treatment...
- 16:00 min

Some time later Mistress Bijou and Lady Yvi has searched a new small ponyboy
out and who has accustomed himself to the stable life now the Riding Mistress
can finally start with the education...
- 25:11 min

Now and then slaves shall get a small reward. Or is there something better for a
low creature as to feel the divine bottom from his Mistress, no matter which sacrifice slave had to offer. It’s just a question who must endure more,
Mistress Bijous or Mistress Kellys slave...
- 13:31 min

In fact Mistress Kelly and the Riding Mistress would only polish her riding boots
from their slaves before they ride out together. But if 2 Mistresses has 2 naked slaves under their feet, they come every kind of silly ideas into mind like they
can maltreat their victims...
- 25:10 min

And once again arises the question which Lady shall seat herself in the sulky and lets pull from her pony. So Riding Mistress Bijou and Mistress Kelly decide to slug it out in a little battle. And their 2 ponies had to exert theirselves enormously that the corresponding Lady bears the palm... - 29:47 min